[UPDATE] Core Switch Maintenance | 1st April 2022

  • Thursday, 31st March, 2022
  • 22:40pm

Dear Valued Customers,

Referring to our latest announcement; (https://secure.gbnetwork.com/announcements/181/SCHEDULED-Core-Switch-Maintenance--1st-April-2022.html) we will start the maintenance in 30 minutes. 

The details of the maintenance are as below:

Maintenance Window Start Date / Time : 1st April 2022 / 0000hrs=12.00 AM (GMT+8)

Maintenance Window End Date / Time : 1st April 2022  / 0200hrs=2.00 AM (GMT+8)

Maintenance Detail: The maintenance process will include switching the core switch from the current rack to another rack.

We have estimated the whole process will take around 2 hours to complete where the network downtime will take around 10~15 minutes.

We will update once the maintenance has been completed.

Please take our sincere apologies for any kind of inconvenience.


Best regards,

Technical Support Department
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