Power Upgrade Planned Maintenance on Malaysia Data Center | 16th September 2022

  • Monday, 5th September, 2022
  • 16:08pm

Dear Valued Customers,

This message is addressed to GB Network Solutions Customers that using our services. As part of our commitment to continually improve the level of service GB Network Solutions provides, we would like to inform you that we will be conducting a power upgrade planned maintenance on our server racks.

Who will be affected? 

GB Network Solutions clients who have the following services will be affected by the maintenance:

- Dedicated Server Malaysia
- Shared Hosting SSD and NVMe Plans
- Reseller Hosting
- Standard and SSD VPS
- RunCloud VPS
- Forex VPS Malaysia
- Colocation (Rack R-B06, R-B08, R-B07 and R-A07 Only)

When will this happen? 

The maintenance will be carried out with a total of 5 hours of maintenance windows and an estimated 2 hours of outage. Details of the maintenance are listed below:

Date: 16th September 2022 (Friday)
Event Start Time: 12.00AM=0000 hrs (GMT +8)
Event End Time: 5.00AM=0500 hrs (GMT +8)
Maintenance Window: 5 Hours
Estimated Outage: 2 Hours

IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure a smooth Power Distribution Unit upgrade, we will shutdown servers on 15th September 2022 at 9.00PM=2100 hrs (GMT +8), thus do not make any update on your services starting from 9.00PM/2100hrs (GMT +8) on 15th September 2022) until the maintenance period ends.

What will happen during the maintenance? 

1. There will be a rack power shutdown, which will cause your services to go down. During the maintenance window, servers will experience a maximum power outage of 2 hours.

2. Once the power source equipment is operational, we will check all servers to ensure they are running properly.

3. Our engineer will be on standby to support you at +60-163884774, Telegram Account: @GBNetworkSupportBot, or Email: support@gbnetwork.my during the maintenance window.

What do you need to be aware of after maintenance?

1. IP Address and credentials of your services will remain unchanged after maintenance is completed.

2. Your services should be operational after maintenance is completed.


During the maintenance, your server(s) will go offline and after the maintenance period, it will come back online. As your IP address will not change, there is no further impact for you. However, we advise you to properly turn off your server(s) yourself and do a system check when it comes back online. We strongly advise you to make necessary action such as backups of your environment in order to avoid the risk of losing valuable data. Our engineers will do everything they can to avoid issues and to assure that there is as little disruption for you and your business as possible. 

Important events:

- 5th & 6th September 2022 - First announcement.
- 12th September 2022 - Reminder of date and time for maintenance.
- 30 minutes before the maintenance, we will provide a final reminder. For colocation customers, this allows you to turn off your server(s) and take possible other appropriate measures. To ensure a smooth Power Distribution Unit upgrade, we highly advise Colocation customers to shutdown servers before 15th September 2022 at 9.00PM=2100 hrs (GMT +8).
- Right after the maintenance is completed.

Separate announcements will be sent out to keep our valued clients up to date on the maintenance events.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to receive the most recent updates from us, please ensure that your contact information in our Client Billing System is up to date. All information provided above is using Malaysia Time Zone (MYT - GMT +8) only.

For further information, please call or email on at the following contact info:

Customer Call Support: +(603)-8686 5540
Email: support@gbnetwork.my

Best Regards,

GB Network Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

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