Q : How to change nameservers?

Q : How to change nameservers?

A : Steps to change nameservers :

1) First, access our client area at https://secure.gbnetwork.com/clientarea.php and Log in into your account.

2) On the client area screen, click on "Domains" to access the domains page.


3) Select your desire "Active" domain and click the drop down button.


Then, click on "Manage Nameservers" to proceed to the nameservers management screen.


4) On the nameservers management screen, you can choose to "Use default nameservers" or "Use custom nameservers(enter below)" and change the current nameservers to the new nameservers for your provider. Finally, to save the new nameservers click on "Change Nameservers".

Example : Current nameservers


Note : You can get the nameservers from your provider :) 

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