Dear Valued Customers,

There are a lot of doomsday predictions out there about IPv4 address running out soon (there is even a countdown page/iphone app etc.).
Whether they are true or not (there are ways to delay the inevitable using NAT etc.) we at GB Network know IPv6 is the future.

Benefits of IPv6 Addresses
- More efficient routing
- Auto-configuration abilities for easier management. (No more DHCP)
- No more NAT (better transparency for every device)
- No more duplicate IP addresses
- IPSEC is built into IPv6
- Better multicast routing
- Simplified header formats

Native IPv6
We offer native IPv6 in our Malaysia Datacenter. If you would like a VPS or dedicated server with native IPv6 just make a note when you order and we can get that setup for you.
Customers with existing VPS or dedicated servers can request an IPv6 allocation by opening a support ticket from our customer portal.

Additional IPv6 Addresses
You can request additional IPv6 addresses at any time by opening a support ticket. While default IPv6 addresses are configured automatically (Only for VPS).

Shared Hosting
We are now can assign IPv6 addresses to shared hosting plan. New or Existing customer can request by opening a support ticket.

GB Network co-location provides you with a dependable hosting environment for your essential, mission-critical servers, storage, and Internet infrastructure.
Co-location allows you to locate server, network equipment, and storage. If you need IPv6 Addresses, you may request from our customer portal.

For any inquiries, please communicate with us via email: or call us at 03-8686 5540.

Thank you for your continuous support towards our services.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

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